“Netcat Is Your Friend” Case Study

For anyone interested in Incident Handling, or Penetration Testing case studies, I would recommend you read “Netcat Is Your Friend” (by T. Brian Granier). This is a case study included as part of the SANS GCIH course.

If you are like me, I love to read about clever hacking attack vectors, and the depth of their attacks. I find it MUCH more interesting than any ESPN highlight reel, or 6 o’clock news high speed chase.

It is a well written, and well structured paper. It gives you 100% examples of all code used, and explains it well. The second half of the paper then goes through the IH procedure. One thing that makes this paper a good reference is the “Jump Bag” list. I have made a blog post on Jump Bags in which I outline the list contained within “Netcat Is Your Friend”. You can find it here, or under the ‘tools’ section!

I recommend everyone at least take a look at the paper! I believe you will find it quite informative, and if you are anything like me, quite entertaining.

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