[Tool] pivot-scan

I am trying to figure out how to perform port scans via an exploited host using meterpreter. It can be done with netcat relays, but I really want to see it done in metepreter. Unfortunately, as far as I know, pivoting with metasploit only pivots exploits and such plugins.

To overcome this you usually have to upload a port scanner onto the first exploited machine and scan from there. Not too sexy, but works.

http://seclists.org/pen-test/2009/Mar/113 mentions a metasploit plugin called pivot-scan by Augusto Pereyra. You better believe I have added this tool into my arsenal.

get it here!

Also, if you are looking to do full metasploit functionality on the first compromised host, check out Mubix’s plugin here to send metasploit as a payload.

BTW, if anyone has figured out how to namp through a metasploit route, then let me know!!!

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