[Review] Pentesting Ninjitsu

This is an older (2008) series of webcasts produced by Core Security. It features Ed Skoudis, from InGuardians, and a SANS Instructor.

This was an absolutely fantastic learning experience. If you are like me, when you first learned about hacking you figured that a “real” hacker could just sit down at any machine and do whatever he needed from a command shell; info gathering, scanning, exploitation, maintaining access, etc. After actually learning more about the field, I began to understand the near necessity of tools and the importance of having a nice arsenal.

In this podcast Ed Skoudis brings us back to the leetness of pure command line hacking. And to top it off, its primarily focused on cmd.exe; not what a pen tester would call their weapon of choice.

Skoudis goes over using cmd.exe as a port scanner, backdoor, wardriving tool, and more. I definetly recommend everybody check this out. I guarantee it will help you in your future assessments by overcoming scope issues, as well as post-assessment cleanup.

It reminded me of one of the CTFs at the HBN:Combat course I took at Black Hat this year. I had to capture some packets of a proprietary protocol, and then replay it brute-forcing some hundred different combinations. I ended up capturing it with wireshark, then doing some nasty loop and replace functionality with powershell. I then set up some capture filters on wireshark and was able to get my results. Not very sexy, yet worked. It was my white belt version of PenTesting Ninjitsu.

Anyway, check it out, and enjoy!

you can find it here!

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